1994 * V * 1


M. Karelson.  
   100 years from the death of Alexander Theodor von Middendorff ... 4
V. Jaagus.  
   Tomato breeding at the Jõgeva Plant Breeding Institute... 11
T. Valgus.  
   Dynamics of effectiveness and guarantee of fertilizers in crop rotation on podzolic sandy-clay soil ... 36
R. Lillak.  
   The formation of botanical composition, phytomass and herbage quality of grass swards depending on the cutting regime and irrigation. II. Tall fescue - qualitative data ... 45
O. Kärt.  
   Effects of nonstructural carbohydrates and fats on the degradability of feeds in the rumen ... 72
O. Saveli, E. Orgmets.  
   The new linear method for the exterior scoring of dairy cattle in Estonia ... 83