Transactions 7

Transactions of the Estonian Academic Agricultural Society

Proceedings of the Estonian Academic Agricultural Society
April 8–9, 1998

 Tartu 1998

 Editorial Board: K. Annuk, A. Lember, J. Praks, A. Reintam, O. Saveli, H. Tikk, R. Viiralt



  1. A. Aluvee, A. Kolk, L. Ploom, T. Püssa, A. Valdmann. Monitoring of residues in foods of animal origin ... 5
  2. K. Eilart, A. Põldvere. On utilization of the pigs of the Finnish Landrace breed in Estonia ... 9
  3. M. Heinloo. Optimal transport centre of a farm ... 13
  4. J. Hämmal, S. Kuusik, E. Mõttus. Fatty acid composition of quail eggs depending on linseed oil feeding ... 17
  5. A. Kaarma, E. Mägi. Dependence of post-treatment invasion on preparation used in pig manage and sheep intestinal strongylatoses ... 21
  6. H. Kaldmäe. The nutritive value of linseed cake and its usage for calves ... 25
  7. A. Karus, V. Karus. Superoxide dismutase isoenzyme spectra in the cattle and dog blood cells ... 29
  8. J. Kaubi. Formation of agricultural structure in Estonia and other countries ... 33
  9. T. Kender, M. Arulepp, I. Veermäe. Measurement of ammonia concentrations in the air of livestock building with the aid of ammonium selective electrochemical sensor ... 35
  10. H. Kiiman. On somatic cell count in milk ... 39
  11. A. Kiis, M. Hõbejärv. Determination of benzoic- and sorbic acid in non- and low-alcoholic beverages ... 41
  12. A. Kiis, E. Kiisman, K. Ilmoja, M. Reinik, A. Kangro. Determination of food additives in dietary beverages ... 43
  13. A. Kureoja, T. Kaart. Factors affecting the conception rate of cows ... 47
  14. O. Kärt, R. Leming. Dietary fibre in pig nutrition ... 49
  15. O. Kärt, I. Lavrentjeva. Investigation of nutrient composition in imported feed concentrates in correspond to their data declared by producer ... 53
  16. A. Lember. About metabolizable energy and protein norms depending on the condition score of sows ... 55
  17. M. Liiske, T. Luigla. Testing of the wood-chopper electric drive ... 59
  18. V. Meriloo, Ü. Kerner. Labour need of a grain crop farm ... 61
  19. E. Must. Quality and efficiency of the milk cooling tanks ... 63
  20. H. Möller, M. Asi, K. Soonets, K. Tamm, R. Vettik. Optimum yearly operation time in a grain growing farm ... 65
  21. H. Möller, K. Soonets, M. Asi, R. Vettik. Field works mean transport distance in an ellipse-shaped farm plot ... 69
  22. L. Nigul. Peas, soybean oil meal and turnip rape seeds as feed for swine ... 73
  23. E. Orgmets. The type traits and milk production of Estonian Red cows ... 77
  24. Ü. Pavel. Veterinary biology ... 81
  25. Ü. Pavel, A. Kolk. Some problems of veterinary ecology ... 85
  26. R. Pällin, T. Lepiku. About the balance of students’ food ... 87
  27. E. Pärna, I. Ap Dewi, O. Saveli, P. Piirsalu. Cattle breeding goals and production circumstances ... 91
  28. E. Rihma, O. Kärt, A. Ilus. Influence of supplementary dietary lipids on some physiological characteristics of the rumen in a spring transitional period ... 95
  29. O. Saveli. Fertility and milk productivity of cows ... 97
  30. O. Saveli, T. Kaart. The heritability of milk productivity and reproduction ... 101
  31. O. Saveli, S. Ottender. Correlations between the periods of reproduction cycle ... 103
  32. H. Tikk, V. Tikk, L. Lust. The suitability of some sources of calcium for feeding of highproductivity hens ... 105
  33. M. Vadi, K. Sirman. On in vivo and in vitro degradability of silages ... 107
  34. V. Veinla, M. Kuiv, P. Kaar. Experimental study of reversible step-scraper unit’s tractive resistance ... 109
  35. H. Viinalass, S. Värv. Standardisation of bovine blood typing reagents ... 113
  36. K. Vikat. The results of the tests on egg laying hen crosses between 1989…1997 ... 115