1996 * VII * 1


R. Lillak. The formation of botanical composition, phytomass and yield quality of grasslands depending on cuting regime and irrigation. IV. Nitrogen use by alfalfa sward ... 12
V. Meriloo, E. Pärnits, H. Alekand. The monetary-energetic characteristics of the production activity of a grain crop farm ... 30
V. Loide. The effect of movable magnesium content and Ca:Mg ratio on field crops ... 39
O. Kärt, V. Sikk. Rapeseed oil, full fat rape seed and tallow in rations of dairy cows. 1. Effect on the dry matter, crude protein and crude fibre degradability in sacco ... 54
N. Koslov. About perinatal mortality of calves in Estonia ... 66

O. Priilinn, T. Enno, H. Küüts, H. Peuša. Genetic resources for the adaptive breeding of wheat ... 84