Agraarteadus : Journal of Agricultural Science  accept original research of both local and international dimensions from all fields of agriculture (including: forestry, plant science, nature conservation, environmental sciences, veterinary medicine, engineering). Particularly multidisciplinary research is considered by the journal.
Specific topics of particular interest are investigations addressing issues of sustainability and investigations that generally aids practical implications of a balanced and wise management of rural life. Submissions that aids the understanding biodiversity issues are welcome.

  1. Research articles
    Research articles – original research not previously published elsewhere other in a preliminary form.
  2. Review articles
    Review articles – submitted or invited summary of the advances within subjects covered by the scope of the journal and of general interest in the field.
  3. Short communications
    Short communication – original and noteworthy observations or development of methods fitting the journals scope and not fitting the form of a research article. The communication should be presented in a concentrated form with a minimum amount of references (maximum 20). The format is that of a research article, but the abstract should have a maximum of 150 words, and the loose form of Findings in the communication replace Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion with a maximum number of 1500 words. Either one table or one figure can assist the communication.
  4. Case studies
    Case studies – interesting cases within the scope of the journal that provide new insights to the research area. The form is similar to that of a short communication where the Case or Case Series follow an Introduction and replace Methods, Results, and Discussion containing maximum 2000 words. Abstract should maximum contain 150 words and the case maximum 20 references. Up to 5 figures or tables can be included.
  5. Letters to the editor
    Letters to the editor – addressing published material in the journal or for the aim and scope of the journal giving useful critique and comments. The letters are to function as a useful exchange of viewpoints that further enhance the journal integrity and usefulness to the readers. The form of Chronicle previously published in the journal fits this category. Maximum 1500 words.
  6. Book reviews
    Book reviews – of books not older than 3 years and within the scope of the journal. At the top of review must be title of the book being reviewed, author (translator if applicable), publisher, year, number of pages, price (€), ISBN and reviewer(s) name and affiliation. Content must contain information/background about the author (editor), the field book cover (agronomy, animal breeding etc.). A statement about book placement in a general field - other similar book, other books by the same author, the points of similarity or difference. The main objectives of the book should be stated. Discussion about the strengths and weaknesses with examples should be provided. A conclusion highlighting the main points of the review. Keep references to a minimum, but they can be necessary if you want to rebut some argument of the author’s or point the reader to alternative arguments or findings. Reviewer(s) should avoid: long quotations; biographical information about the author that is not related to the book. Length of the review up to 1500 words. The review should be in either Estonian or English.

Publisher: Estonian Academic Agricultural Society
Editor in Chief: DSc (agriculture) Alo Tänavots
Address: Fr. R. Kreutzwaldi 1, 51006 Tartu, Estonia
ETIS: 1.2. Peer-reviewed articles in other international research journals with an ISSN code and international editorial board, which are circulated internationally and open to international contributions.
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Journal is published biannually. Volumes per year will be published on 20th of June and 20th of December.

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