Transactions 12

Transactions of the Estonian Academic Agricultural Society

Proceedings of the Estonian Academic Agricultural Society
April 13–14, 2000

 Tartu 2000

 Editorial Board: K. Annuk, A. Lember, H. Möller, J. Praks, O. Saveli, H. Tikk, R. Viiralt



  1. M. Heinloo, K. Maide, T. Pihu, R. Sule. A new type of circular link for a free-active spinharrow ... 5
  2. M. Henno, A. Leola, A. Ilves. The effect of milking equipment on the free fatty acids content in raw milk ... 9
  3. M. Henno, A. Olkonen. Incidence of colostrum in purchased raw milk ... 13
  4. H. Jaakson, K. Ling. On non-esterified fatty acids (Nefa) concentration in Estonian Holstein Breed Cows blood serum in periparturient period ... 15
  5. A. Kaarma, E. Mägi, M. Sahk. The use of natural plant extracts against animal ectoparasites ... 19
  6. H. Kiiman. On somatic cell count in milk ... 23
  7. H. Kiiman, A. Leola. Effect of milking procedure on milking parlour efficiency ... 25
  8. K. Kolk, P. Veeroja. Dairy products in the nutrition of Estonian children ... 27
  9. H. Metsa, V. Meriloo, Ü. Kerner. Comparative monetary-agroenergetic evaluation of production of a Grain Crop Farm ... 31
  10. H. Möller, M. Asi, K. Soonets, K. Tamm, R. Vettik. Time limits in cereals harvesting ... 35
  11. H. Möller, M. Asi, K. Soonets, K. Tamm, R. Vettik. Average length of haul in circular and ellipse-shaped farm plots ... 39
  12. A. Nummert. Obstructions in domestic animals respiratory tracts ... 43
  13. E. Orgmets. Relationships between breeding value of milk performance and type of Estonian Red Cattle ... 47
  14. M. Ots, A. Pärn. Determination of allantoin content in the urine of the ruminants and its affecting factors ... 51
  15. E. Rihma, O. Kärt. The intake of silage prepared of different grass ... 53
  16. J. Samarütel, K. Ling, A. Leesmäe. Preliminary results on body condition scoring ... 57
  17. R.-J. Sarand, T. Leisner, T. Kiisk. Lactobacillus sp.– The inducer of cheese blowing ... 61
  18. O. Saveli, U. Kaasiku, T. Kaart. The effect of the decent of the Estonian Red Bulls on their breeding value ... 63
  19. O. Saveli, U. Kaasiku, T. Kaart. Breeding value and descent of the Estonian Holstein Bulls ... 67
  20. O. Saveli, H. Kiiman, I. Veermäe. Profitableness of milk production in 1998 on the basis of questionnaire ... 71
  21. O. Saveli, H. Pulk. Milk productivity of Dutch Holstein Cows in Estonia ... 75
  22. E. Siiber, O. Saveli, M. Uba. Parallel evaluation of the bulls of the Dutch Holstein Breed ... 79
  23. T. Suuroja. Transformation of tubar epithelial cells ... 81
  24. M. Tamm. Strategic choices of Estonian agriculture ... 87
  25. V. Tikk, H. Tikk, S. Kuusik, J. Hämmal. On fatty acid composition of broiler meat ... 89
  26. A. Tänavots, E. Somelar, O. Saveli, K. Eilart, A. Põldvere, T. Kaart. Predict of meat traits of pure- and Crossbred pigs with ultrasonic equipments ... 91
  27. V. Veinla, T. Leola, T. Võsa. Investigation of the process of pressing the material below the layer ... 95
  28. H. Viinalass. Farm animal genetic resources and their utilization ... 97
  29. H. Viinalass, S. Värv, O. Saveli. On genetical diversity of Estonian Native Cattle by EAB locus ... 101
  30. A. Waldmann, A. Kureoja, T. Kaart, A. Tiidla, O. Saveli. Commencement of postpartal luteal activity in Estonian Dairy Cows ... 105