Transactions 2

Transactions of the Estonian Academic Agricultural Society



  1. M. Karelson. Agriculture based on dairy cattle husbandry at the time of the Republic of Estonia (1918…1940) ... 5
  2. O. Saveli, T. Kaart. Evaluation of dairy cows on the basis control year or 305-day lactation ... 10
  3. E. Orgmets. Effect of age on type traits of Estonian Red Cows ... 14
  4. K. Kalamees, Ü. Oll. Utilization of feed and their energy and protein by the Estonian Local Cattle ... 18
  5. Ü. Oll, A. Kureoja. Variability of milk fat content according to the data of the milk recording test ... 22
  6. O. Kärt. Effects of fats on rumen fermentation ... 26
  7. A. Leesmäe, L. Ploom. Feeding anionic salts to dairy cows with the aim to reduce the incidence of milk fever ... 29
  8. L. Saluste. Balanced feeding of farm animals by means of the better utilization of grain ... 33
  9. H. Kaldmäe, M. Vadi. The influence of cellobacterin on the productivity of cattle ... 37
  10. Ü. Oll, S. Tölp, A. Kaasik. Wise after the event about the protein allowances of dairy cows ... 42
  11. H. Möller, M. Asi, R. Oder. Dairy farm labour costs prognostication ... 46
  12. A. Karus, V. Karus. Protein content, ALD and SDH activities in the serum of lactating cows ... 50


  1. H. Kiiman. Mistakes in machine milking and their analysis ... 54
  2. B. Reppo, M. Astok, U. Oja. Working fitness of milkers ... 58
  3. A. Olkonen, M. Henno. Effect of premilking disinfection of pipeline milking systems on the bacterial contamination of raw milk ... 62
  4. D. R. Arney, O. Kärt, C. J. C. Phillips. Reducing the somatic cell count of bovine milk with dietary NaCl supplementation ... 66


  1. O. Saveli, A. Tänavots, R. Mölder. Effect of the breed of the boar on fertility and litter weight on 21 days of large white and Estonian landrace sows ... 70
  2. A. Timmi, R. Mölder. Improvement of the meat productivity of pigs by direct selection on the basis of genetic breeding value ... 74
  3. L. Nigul. Influence of feed additives on the performance characteristics of weaning piglets ... 77
  4. A. Lember. About condition dynamics of sows in pregnancy and lactation ... 79
  5. M. Liiske, A. Haukanõmm. The energy consumption of pig house heating depending on the size of the building and therminal insulation of walls ... 83
  6. H. Tikk, V. Tikk. The results of utilization of enzyme preparations in Baltic poultry over the last 10 years ... 86


  1. A. Kaarma, E. Mägi. Pig manage control with different local preparations ... 90
  2. J. Praks, I. Veermäe. Circadian behavioural and heart rate rhythm of dairy cows in free stall ... 94
  3. H. Kübar. Changes in the histostructure of piglets gut during the first month after the birth ... 98


  1. Ü. Oll, H. Möller, M. Asi, R. Vettik. About computer composing rations ... 102
  2. V. Poikalainen. Digital thermometers with thermistor sensors for agricultural application ... 106