Transactions 3

Transactions of the Estonian Academic Agricultural Society

Proceedings of the Estonian Academic Agricultural Society April, 10…11, 1997

Tartu 1997

Editorial Board: A. Lember, R. Lillak, A. Reintam, O. Saveli, H. Tikk, R. Viiralt



  1. K. Eilart, A. Põldvere. Lean meat and carcass quality of Estonian Landrace ... 6
  2. J. Hämmal, H. Tikk. Omega-3-fatty acids – essential component in human food and at feeding of poultry ... 10
  3. H. Kaldmäe, V. Karis, O. Kärt. Optimizing the silage making period on the basis of the protein and crude fibre content of gramineous crops ... 14
  4. V. Karus, A. Karus, T. Lepiku. Electrophoresis used in blood cell enzyme polymorphism study ... 18
  5. H. Kiiman, O. Saveli. Somatic cell count as a measure of udder health and its heritability ... 20
  6. A. Kureoja. Economic evaluation of breeding components of the Estonian Red Breed Cattle on the basis of milk yield ... 22
  7. J. Kurõkin, H. Gustafsson, H. Rodrigues-Martinez, B. Larsson. Transvaginal ultrasound guided puncture of follicles and oocytes aspiration in heifers by a modified device ... 24
  8. J. Kurõkin, H. Gustafsson, H. Rodrigues-Martinez, B. Larsson. Effect of transvaginal ultrasound guided puncture of follicles on cyclicity in heifers ... 28
  9. O. Kärt, Ü. Oll. Does the supplemental dietary fat increase ketosis and fattening of the liver in dairy cows ... 30
  10. O. Kärt, R. Pent. The content of milk urea in herds participating in milk recording ... 34
  11. A. Lember. Milk yield and its composition of Large White Sows ... 36
  12. K. Ling, L. Ploom. About the evaluation of selenium status of young cattle in Estonia ... 40
  13. M. Metsaalt. An influence of feeding level of dairy cows in dry period on the following lactation ... 42
  14. L. Nigul. An effect of different feeding technologies on the growth traits of weanlings ... 44
  15. A. Olkonen. Testing the activation of the lactoperoxidase system of raw milk ... 46
  16. A. Olkonen, M. Henno. An influence milk quality of the purchasing price ... 50
  17. Ü. Oll, I. Leontjeva. The crude protein content of some swine feeds accordingto the feedstuffs tables of several countries ... 54
  18. E. Orgmets. Relationships between body measurements and milk performance of Estonian Black-and-White Cows ... 58
  19. M. Piirsalu. Feeding allowances of geese recommended in Estonia ... 62
  20. O. Saveli, T. Kaart. Effect of calving season on the productivity of milk ... 64
  21. O. Saveli, S. Ottender. Heritability and correlations of milk production performance data ... 68
  22. O. Saveli, R. Pärtel. Gestation lenght of Estonian cattle breeds and its effect on the size of newborns ... 72
  23. O. Saveli, A. Tänavots. An effect of parity and an environment on the fertility of sow ... 74
  24. U. Tamm. Maximum feeding of red clover silage to dairy cows ... 76
  25. U. Tamm, R.-J. Sarand, H. Nõmmsalu, H. Meripõld. Quality of fodder galega silage and results of its feeding ... 80
  26. H. Tikk, M. Piirsalu. Feeding allowances of turkeys recommended in Estonia ... 84
  27. H. Tikk, V. Tikk, L. Lust. Comparision of different feeding standards and influence of the enzyme preparation MEK-CGAP-M on the productivity of the D-line hens of the cross Lohmann Brown ... 88
  28. J. Tölp, J. Roots, R. Põldaru. The formation process of optimum models of a feed ration for pigs ... 92


  1. A. Kaarma, E. Mägi. Post-treatment reinvasion dynamics of some generally spread swine parasites ... 96
  2. A. Kiis, M. Hõbejärv, K. Ilmoja, A. Kangro, M. Reinik. Determination of preservatives in feedstuffs ... 100
  3. A. Kolk, M. Minajev. Microbiological screening of residues of antibacterial drugs in meat ... 104
  4. V. Poikalainen, J. Praks. The use of microwave thermometer for determination of cows’ body surface temperature ... 108


  1. H. Metsa, V. Meriloo, Ü. Kerner. Agro-energetic evaluation of the production of a grain crop farm ... 112
  2. H. Möller, A. Eerits, K. Soonets. The influence of a farm area on machinery work ... 114
  3. H. Möller, R. Vettik, M. Asi. Labour costs of a pig fattening farm ... 118


  1. J. Kuum. Agricultural cooperation in Estonia ... 120
  2. Ü. Oll, T. Kangur. The earliest milk recording data in Estonia ... 122
  3. Ü. Oll, M. Pomerants. Professor Elmar Liik – the first lecturer and scientist of animal husbandry ... 124
  4. Ü. Oll, E. Rihma. References to the zootechnical sources in Baltic-German literature from the 17th century to the first half of the 19th century ... 126