Transactions 4

Transactions of the Estonian Academic Agricultural Society

Proceedings of the Estonian Academic Agricultural Society April, 10…11, 1997

Tartu 1997

Editorial Board: A. Lember, R. Lillak, A. Reintam, O. Saveli, H. Tikk, R. Viiralt



  1. A. Bender. About the level of red clover breeding at Jõgeva ... 5
  2. M. Ivask, J. Truu. Application of soil biota characteristics to the evaluation of managed soils ... 9
  3. M. Järvan. An effect of powdered carbonate rocks on greenhouse vegetables grown on peat medium ... 13
  4. M. Järvan, H. Niine, P. Rausberg. An effect of ecological and conventional cultivation methods on the yield and biological quality of vegetables ... 17
  5. R. Kask. An influence of organic matter on the bulk density in soils ... 21
  6. Ü. Kollist, E. Tikk, M. Agur. Virus resistance analysis of potato somaclones ... 25
  7. M. Koppel. Estonian Potato Gene Bank ... 27
  8. M. Koppel. Potato variety ‘Anti’ ... 31
  9. K. Kotkas. The storage of potato varieties in vitro as meristem plants ... 33
  10. T. Kuill, E. Lauringson, A. Salus. About the competition in plant field communities ... 35
  11. V. Kukk, H. Küüts. Plant genetic resources for agriculture in Estonia ... 37
  12. R. Kõlli. Soil classification as an essential tool in soil cover research ... 39
  13. H. Kärblane, L. Kevvai, J. Kanger. Leaching of Pb, Cd and Hg ... 43
  14. H. Kärblane, L. Kevvai. The limitary concentrations of Pb, Cd and Hg content in the Estonian arable soils ... 47
  15. E. Kärner, M. Kärner. About the influence of a nitrogen fertilizer on the yield and quality of ground barley ... 49
  16. H. Küüts, I. Küüts, Ü. Tamm, I. Tamm. The level of barley and oats breeding at Jõgeva ... 53
  17. E. Lauk. Methodological additions to research into cereal-leguminous mixed crops ... 57
  18. I. Lemetti, O. Ellermäe. Soil colours according to the Munsell soil colour charts ... 61
  19. R. Lillak, A. Linke, M. Marrandi. An effect of genotype characteristics of the alfalfa sward formation in the seeding and first harvest year ... 65
  20. H. Lõiveke. Rye diseases and their control caused by microfungi in Estonia ... 69
  21. A. Pae, J. Simisker. An influence of a biocontrol agent Trichoderma viride on the yield of cucumber plants in a plastic greenhouse ... 71
  22. O. Priilinn, T. Enno. Genetical recombination in plant breeding ... 73
  23. H. Raave, L. Raave. Grazing of grass swards sown with pure grasses and with grass-white clover mixtures ... 77
  24. H. Remmelg, A. Õunmaa. Apomixis: potentialities in plant breeding ... 81
  25. R.-J. Sarand, T. Kiisk, I. Jaaniste. The preservation of a crushed moist mixed crop ... 85
  26. I. Tammaru, E. Tuubel. The role of arthropod predators in agrocoenosis and influence of pesticides on the number of predators ... 89
  27. A. Toomsoo, P. Kuldkepp. The effect of organic fertilizers and different rates of ammonium nitrate on the yield and quality of potato ... 91
  28. A. Tsahkna. The new potato variety ‘Juku’ ... 95
  29. S. Uusna. Integrated weed control in a rotation of field crops ... 99
  30. V. Vasar. Storage of sour cherry (Prunus cerasus auct.) microshoots at a temperature +4 C ... 101
  31. E. Vesik. The chemical control of potato tuber diseases ... 103