1995 * VI * 4

1995 * VI * 4


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H. Kärblane, L. Kevvai. Contents of heavy metals in the more commonly used fertilizers in Estonia and their contribution to soil pollution ... 393
K. Kask. Estonian apple cultivars ... 405
L. Murdam, M. Metsur, N. Vardjas, I. Maalmann. The geomicrobiology of soil and subsoil under irrigated grassland and under natural plant associations ... 417
A. Reintam. Research into the working process of the spreading disk of a fertilizer spreader using mathematical modelling ... 435
A. Lember. The protein requirement of the sows during the reproductive cycle. 2. The influence of protein content in the ration during lactation on the reproductive performance of sows ... 449

J. Kuum. 125 years from the creation of agricultural co-operation in Estonian ... 472
V. Kruus. A little of the history of agricultural higher education and science in Finland ... 476
A. Ratt. Activities of the Estonian Agronomists’ Society 1920...1940 ... 485
K. Annuk. The Estonian Agronomists’ Society in Sweden (EASR) 1945...1994 ... 489

Activities of the Academical Agricultural Society ... 491
A farewell to Elmar Järvesoo ... 493
Anniversary of the Jõgeva Plant Breeding Institute ... 494
Results of the 3rd year work of the Doctoral Council in Agriculture and Economics ... 495