1995 * VI * 2


H. Kärblane. Fluorine in soil and plants ... 138
M. Agur. Resistance to potato viruses X, Y, M, S and N in potato varieties most widely cultivated in Estonia ... 152
A. Pärnoja, I. Veermäe, M. Miil. Feeding of dairy cows from automated feeding systems: the efficiency of the cyclic and interval programme for distribution of concentrates ... 160
A. Waldmann, V. Passel. Comparison of a milk progesterone enzyme immunoassay and a radioimmunoassay to monitor reproductive status in the cow... 169
L. Raave , H. Raave. Factors influencing intake and utilization of herbage in pasture ... 184
A. Kavak. Acidity of colostrum and its influence on the health of calves ... 202