Transactions 1

Transactions of the Estonian Academic Agricultural Society


Preface ... 5


  1. H. Küüts, I. Küüts, Ü. Tamm. Agronomic and quality characteristics of recommended barley varieties ... 6
  2. A. Bender. Tetraploid red clover varieties bred at Jõgeva and their use ... 10
  3. A. Bender, S. Tamm, M. Jaagus. Grazing tolerance of lucerne and the suitability of Estonian natural lucerne populations as initial material for breeding ... 14
  4. M. Raudseping, M. Puhm. Correlation between yield, morphological and biochemical characteristics of the garden pea and its importance for breeding work ... 18
  5. S. Kalev. Winter turnip rape breeding at Jõgeva ... 22
  6. A. Tsahkna. Dry matter and reducing sugars as the main determiners of quality of chips and french fries ... 26
  7. M. Koppel. Changes in the population of Phytophthora infenstans and in resistance of potato varieties to late blight ... 30
  8. O. Priilinn. The donor problem in cereal breeding ... 34
  9. H. Remmelg, A. Õunmaa. The perspective of triploids in plant breeding ... 38
  10. M. Agur, E. Tikk. Ü. Kollist, K. Soon. Virus resistance analysis of potato cultivars, meristemic clones, callus-somaclones and seedlings ... 42
  11. E. Lauk. Regression analysis in variety tests ... 45
  12. E. Kallas. Yield and quality of winter wheat varieties ... 49


  1. L. Kevvai, J. Sippola, T. Kevvai. Agrochemical situation of Estonian agricultural soils .. 51
  2. H. Kärblane. The effect of organic, lime and phosphorus fertilizers on the heavy metal content of plants ... 54
  3. M. Ivask, J. Truu. Relationships of earthworms with habitat and soil factors ... 58
  4. M. Järvan. The influence of potassium chloride on vegetable plants grown on peat substratum ... 62
  5. M. Järvan. The influence of potassium chloride on the yield and quality on some vegetables on peat substratum ... 66
  6. O. Rõõs, T. Pungas. Influence of composts of semicoke, oil shale, peat and liquid manure on soil biota ... 70
  7. U. Tamm, R.-J. Sarand. Results of the fermentation and feeding of red clover silage ... 73
  8. A. Sukamägi, V. Allik. Connections between main crop yields and cost prices ... 77
  9. M. Järvan, P. Rausberg. Biological quality of vegetables ... 81
  10. E. Vesik. The chemical control of Agropyron repens in the potato field ... 85
  11. H. Lõiveke. Most commonly spread diseases on barley in Estonia and their control ... 87


  1. T. Ivask. Agricultural reform (background, ideology, influencing factors) ... 90
  2. M. Sepp. Agricultural development priorities at past and present ... 94
  3. J. Lepajõe. Hundert Jahre von der Gründung der Versuchsstation und Saatenkontrollstation Dorpat ... 98
  4. J. Kuum. Die Entstehung der estnischen Landwirtschaftswissenschaft und der erste estnische Landwirtschaftswissenschaftler Jakob Johnson ... 102