Transactions 10

Transactions of the Estonian Academic Agricultural Society

Proceedings of the Estonian Academic Agricultural Society
April 15–16, 1999

Tartu 1999

 Editorial Board: K. Annuk, A. Lember, H. Möller, J. Praks, O. Saveli, H. Tikk, R. Viiralt



  1. J. Hämmal, H. Tikk, S. Kuusik, V. Tikk. Linseed oil as an increaser of w -3 fatty acid content in hen egg yolk ... 5
  2. A. Kaasik. Von der Spaltbarkeit manchen Aminosäuren des Hafers bei verschiedenen mechanischen Bearbeitungsweisen ... 11
  3. M. Karelson. Academical Agricultural Society in years 1920–1945 ... 15
  4. H. Kiiman, O. Saveli. Relationship between the working operations of machine milking and milk items ... 19
  5. H. Kärblane, T. Kevvai. Selenium in potatoes ... 23
  6. O. Kärt, I. Kibbal, M. Ots. Estimation of microbial protein synthesis in rumen using urinary excretion of purine derivatives ... 27
  7. O. Kärt, R. Leming. Effect of feeding diets containing fullfat turnip rape seeds and turnip rapeseed cake on the performance of growing pigs ... 31
  8. A. Lember. About metabolizable energy and protein allowances for boars ... 35
  9. K. Ling, H. Kaldmäe. Compound feeds with selenium in the rations of calves ... 41
  10. H. Möller, M. Asi, K. Soonets, K. Tamm, R. Vettik. Machinery yearly operation time effect on grain growing farm profit ... 45
  11. H. Möller, M. Asi, K. Soonets, K. Tamm, R. Vettik. Cereal farm production risk ... 49
  12. H. Möller, M. Asi, K. Soonets, R. Vettik. Pork production farm’s parameters design ... 53
  13. L. Nigul. Rye as a feed for swine ... 57
  14. A. Nummert. Displacement of the bovine abdomasum ... 59
  15. A. Põldvere, K. Eilart. A comparison between different methods to measure lean meat content in carcasses of pigs ... 63
  16. E. Pärna. Objectives in dairy cattle improvement ... 69
  17. E. Rihma, O. Kärt. Factors affecting silage intake ... 75
  18. U. Sannik, M. Rei. Classification and processing of wastes of animal origin in European Union ... 79
  19. O. Saveli. Ten years of the Academic Society of Agriculture ... 83
  20. O. Saveli, T. Jänes. Self-cost of milk in the different size enterprises ... 85
  21. O. Saveli, T. Jänes. The structure of costs in milk production ... 87
  22. O. Saveli, U. Kaasiku, T. Kaart. Breeding value of Estonian Holstein bulls depending on pedigree ... 91
  23. P. Veeroja, K. Kolk. Milk products in diets at nursery schools of Tartu ... 95
  24. K. Vikat. The results of productivity control of hens at Kehtna Poultry Test Station in 1997/98 ... 99