Transactions 11

Transactions of the Estonian Academic Agricultural Society

Proceedings of the Estonian Academic Agricultural Society
April 13–14, 2000

Tartu 2000

 Editorial Board: K. Annuk, A. Lember, H. Möller, J. Praks, O. Saveli, H. Tikk, R. Viiralt



  1. H. Jänes, A. Pae. Cherry plum cultivars in Estonia ... 5
  2. M. Järvan. Influence of lime fertilizers on neutralizing of soil and peat substratum acidity ... 9
  3. M. Järvan, M. Zirk, T. Valgus. Effect of lime fertilizers on potato and barley ... 13
  4. K. Kask. On biennality bearing of the apple cultivars ... 15
  5. A. Kaur, S. Vabrit. Horticultural therapy and the role of plants in creating therapeutic environment ... 19
  6. K. Kaust, E. Kärner, M. Kärner, V. Geherman. The field grass yield depending on fertilisers ... 21
  7. K. Kotkas, M. Särekanno. The influence of plant propagation method and planting density on the productivity of potato meristemplants ... 25
  8. R. Kõlli. WRB reference soils found in the soil cover of Estonia ... 29
  9. H. Kärblane, L. Kevvai, J. Kanger. The concentration of Cd, Hg and Pb in the automorphic soils of Estonia ... 33
  10. H. Kärblane, L. Kevvai, J. Kanger. Heavy metals in the soil-plant system in the case of application of composts of waste water sediments ... 37
  11. E. Lauk, R. Lauk. Formation of protein yield in the mixture of common vetch and wheat ... 41
  12. E. Lauringson, T. Kuill, L. Talgre, H. Vipper. Effects of crop rotation and tillage on the weed seedbank ... 45
  13. L. Leis, R. Kõlli, T. Lepiku, A. Karus. Chemical composition of vegetables and fruits.  Macro- and micronutrients ... 49
  14. R. Lillak, A. Linke. Evaluation of alfalfa cold tolerance by LT50 method ... 53
  15. P. Lättemäe. Effects of use of additives and herbage wilting on quality of big bale silage ... 55
  16. P. Lättemäe, R.-J. Sarand, T. Kiisk. Influence of additives, methods of application and herbage wilting on quality of silage ... 59
  17. A. Merivee, P. Põldma, A. Pae. An influence of a biocontrol agent Trichoderma viridae on the yield of beans in an open land condition ... 63
  18. V. Nõmm, V. Karus, L. Leis, T. Lepiku, A. Karus. Chemical composition of vegetables and fruits C vitamin ... 67
  19. O. Priilinn. Genetic aspects of sustainable development in plant protection ... 69
  20. V. Rosenberg, P. Talvoja, E. Kusma. The reaction of test–tube plants on the potato late blight pathogene – Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) d BY ... 71
  21. R.-J. Sarand, H. Laitamm, T. Kiisk, T. Valgus, M. Zirk, T. Kurisoo. The influence of soil fungus Verticillum lecanii on the yield of the field pea and Barley and on the Nutrients in soil ... 73
  22. U. Tamm. The harvest and the nutritive value of the grass of pastures based on the different seed mixtures ... 75
  23. U. Tamm, A. Põlluste. The effect of the utilization of alfalfa on the yield and nutritive value of the forage ... 79
  24. A. Tsahkna, L. Tartlan. The new potato variety ‘Piret’ ... 83
  25. T. Univer, P. Palli. Effect of rejuvenate pruning and thinning fruits on yield and fruit size of apple cultivar ‘Aia ilu’ ... 87
  26. S. Vabrit, U. Moor. Factors influencing the production of cut flowers ... 91
  27. S. Vabrit, A. Pae. Influence of growth substrate on rooting of Euphorbia pulcherrima cuttings ... 95
  28. T. Valgus, U. Tamm, M. Zirk. A clover-rich field grass as a pre-crop ... 97
  29. R. Vardja, J. Lokk, T. Vardja, A. Pae. Comparison of transgenic and non transgenic roots and plants in vitro ... 101
  30. V. Vasar. The rooting and acclimatization of two fruit tree species – easy-to-root sour cherry (Prunus cerasus L.) and difficult-to-root sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) ... 105
  31. V. Vasar, A. Vaasa. The investigation of tissue culture methods on the conservation of terrestriail orchids ... 109
  32. R. Viiralt, N. Kabanen. Persistency and productivity of perennial forage grasses depending on cutting system ... 111