Transactions 15

Transactions of the Estonian Academic Agricultural Society

Proceedings of the Estonian Academic Agricultural Society
April 5–6, 2001

Tartu 2001

Editorial Board: K. Annuk, A. Lember, H. Möller, J. Praks, O. Saveli, H. Tikk, R. Viiralt

Reviewers: Annuk, K., Bender, A., Eilart, K., Jaakma, Ü., Jalakas, M., Kaldmäe, H., Karp, K., Kõo, J., Kärblane, H., Lauk, E., Lauk, Ü., Lauringson, E., Leedu, E., Lehtsaar, J., Lember, A., Lepa, J.,Metspalu, L., Nigul, L., Nõmmsalu, H., Older, H., Pae, A., Parol, A., Praks, J., Põldmaa, K., Roots, J., Saveli, O., Siiber, E., Sõmermaa, A.-L.


  1. E. Lauk, R. Lauk. Of species interaction in grain and legume mixed crops ... 5
  2. A. Lember. Meeting the energy requirement of suckling piglets in their creep feeding period ... 9
  3. R. Leming, A. Lember. Effect of feeding diets containing full-fat rapeseed and rapeseed cake on
    the nutrient digestibility in growing pigs ... 15
  4. T. Leola, V. Veinla. Research of moving resistance of the one-side screper and press unit ... 19
  5. A. Libek, K. Tamm. The influence of strawberry planting material on the formation of runner plants
    and yield ... 23
  6. H. Lõiveke, H. Laitamm, R.-J. Sarand. Fusarium Fungi as dangerous agents on Estonian grain seeds and feeds ... 27
  7. P. Lättemäe. The effect of additives on fermentation and airtight conditions in big bale silage ... 31
  8. P. Lättemäe. The effect of additives on quality of silage under stressed fermentation conditions ... 35
  9. P. Lääniste, J. Jõudu, V. Eremeev, A. Lõhmus, A. Makke. The effect of tillage method on potato variety 'Lasunak' tuber potassium and phosphorus content in 1997…1999 ... 37
  10. H. Meripõld, T. Paide. Herbicides on the fields of the legumes for seeds ... 41
  11. K. Mihhejev, O. Kärt, M. Henno. The factors affecting milk coagulation properties - a review ... 45
  12. H. Möller, M. Asi, K. Tamm, R. Vettik. Machinery using in cereal farm ... 49
  13. H. Möller, M. Asi, K. Soonets, R. Vettik. Machinery working load's effect on pork production farm efficiency ... 51
  14. V. Nõmm, V. Karus, T. Lepiku, R. Kõlli, L. Leis, R. Pällin, L. Oraste, A. Lepik. Choosing a right apple .. 55
  15. E. Orgmets. Effect of different breeding components on milk performance and exterior of Estonian Red Cows ... 59
  16. E. Pärna, A. Meier. Genetic contribution for the four selection path in Estonian Holstein breeding program ... 63
  17. B. Reppo, I. Lindsaar. Milker's work load rate and energy load by machine milking ... 67
  18. J. Samarütel, K. Ling, T. Tiirats, A. Waldmann. Comparison of dairy cattle body condition scores determined by different observers ... 71
  19. O. Saveli, T. Kaart. Relationship between gestation length and genetic origin of cow ... 73
  20. O. Saveli, H. Peterson, H. Kiiman, A. Visberg, M. Voore V. Vilson, V. Linnamägi. Profitableness of milk production in Estonian family farms and enterprises ... 77
  21. O. Saveli, H. Pulk. Milk productivity of Dutch Holstein Cows in Estonia ... 83
  22. O. Saveli, V. Vare. Profitability of piglet rearing by Finnish farm example ... 85
  23. E. Somelar, T. Kaart, O. Saveli. Meat quality research of pure- and crossbred pigs in Estonia ... 89
  24. A. Suurmaa, P. Järv, T. Kaart. On dairy herd culling and reproduction problems ... 93
  25. L. Talgre, T. Kuill, E. Lauringson, E. Lauk. Weediness in mixed crops of cereals and legumes ... 97
  26. U. Tamm, V. Loide. The increase of the melilot silage's nutritive value with mixed sowing ... 101
  27. U. Tamm, T. Valgus, M. Zirk. The influence of the founding method and the fertilisation on the grassland harvest and its nutritive value ... 105
  28. A. Toomsoo, E. Leedu. To grow spring cereals mildly or use reasonably fertilizers ... 109
  29. A. Tsahkna, U. Pille, K. Ilmoja, M. Reinik, M. Ivask, M. Minjajev. Glycoalkaloid content of potato varieties ... 113
  30. A. Tänavots, T. Kaart, O. Saveli. Meat traits and fertility of pig breed combinations in Estonia ... 117
  31. E. Vesik. The species of weeds in spring cereals ... 119
  32. R. Viiralt, A. Parol, N. Kabanen. Production potential and persistency of forage legume species and cultivars in grassland ... 123
  33. H. Vipper, E. Lauringson, T. Kuill. Effect of agrotechnology and precipitation on the density of earthworms (Lumbricidae sp) ... 127
  34. V. Meriloo, K. Laas. About optimation of a potato digger ... 131