Transactions 6

Transactions of the Estonian Academic Agricultural Society

Proceedings of the Estonian Academic Agricultural Society
April 8–9, 1998 Tartu 1998

Editorial Board:
K. Annuk, A. Lember, J. Praks, A. Reintam,
O. Saveli, H. Tikk, R. Viiralt



  1. M. Agur, V. Rosenberg. Dependence of PVX-resistance of the potato meristemic clones on the location of operated meristem in the plant ... 5
  2. A. Aruksaar, T. Püssa, P. Kuldkepp, M. Ivask. Effect of some antibacterial veterinary drugs on growth of barley and radish ... 7
  3. A. Bender. The economic characteristics of variety ‘Ellerslie I’ ... 11
  4. A. Bender, S. Tamm. Yield ability and quality of Estonian natural lucerne populations ... 15
  5. M. Järvan, H. Laitamm. Effect of cultivation method on the yield and biological quality of garden crops, and on the microbiological processes in soil ... 19
  6. M. Järvan, P. Põldma. An effect of lime fertilizers on vegetables ... 23
  7. S. Kalev. Pulses growing area, types and uses of pea (Pisum sativum L) in Europe ... 27
  8. R. Kask, H. Niine. Ignition loss as an analytical characteristic of soil ... 31
  9. M. Koppel, A. Tsahkna, I. Bender. Breeding of nematode resistant potato varieties at Jõgeva ... 35
  10. K. Kotkas. Influence of medium content and in vitro preservation conditions on the productivity of potato genebank meristemplants ... 39
  11. T. Kuill, E. Lauringson. About competition in agrophytocoenosis ... 43
  12. R. Kõlli. Soil cover of Estonia as influenced by present-day land use policy ... 47
  13. H. Kärblane, L. Kevvai, J. Kanger. Changes in the content of lactate soluble phosphorus and potassium in the soil ... 51
  14. H. Kärblane, L. Kevvai, J. Kanger. The content of Pb, Cd and Hg in Plants ... 55
  15. E. Kärner, M. Kärner. The influence of nitrogen fertilizer and preceding crop on the gluten content of spring wheat ... 59
  16. M. Kärner, E. Kärner, V. Geherman. The influence of fertilization on the crude protein yield of field grass rich in red clover ... 63
  17. O. Kärt, V. Karis, H. Kaldmäe, M. Mäesalu. Some correlations between the characteristics of the quality of silages estimated on the basis of samples collected in 1997 ... 67
  18. E. Lauk, J. Leis. Optimum seed norms and productivity of mixed seeding of wheat and vetch ... 71
  19. R. Lillak. Impact of autumn cutting date on alfalfa tillers growing ability and productivity depending on cultivar characteristics ... 75
  20. R. Lillak, A. Linke. Changing in some qualitative and quantitative characteristics of alfalfa crown with sward ageing ... 77
  21. H. Lõiveke, M. Häusler, V. Loide. About the possibilities cereal crops monoculture cultivation on loamy sod-calcareous soil ... 81
  22. P. Lättemäe, U. Tamm, R.-J. Sarand. The effect of technological factors on quality of big bale silage ... 85
  23. A. Pae, T. Univer. Changes in radiation level in the canopies of apple trees after hard pruning ... 89
  24. O. Priilinn, T. Enno, H. Peusha. Genetical collection of wheats and its using in the Institute of Experimental Biology at the Estonian Agricultural University ... 91
  25. M. Raudseping, D. Lõhmus. Influence of sowing time and agryl cover to pods yield of french bean ... 95
  26. V. Rosenberg. The variation of yielding ability of meristem clones of potato variety ‘Eba’ ... 99
  27. R.-J. Sarand, T. Kiisk, I. Jaaniste. Increasing aerobic stability of silages prepared with biological addivities ... 103
  28. R.-J. Sarand, A. Põlluste, H. Laitamm, P. Karpa. The effect of Rhizobium inoculum on persistence and yield of cutted or pastured alfalfa cultivars ... 107
  29. U. Tamm. The content of crude fibres in forages and its impact on digestibility of organic matter ... 111
  30. A. Toomsoo, P. Kuldkepp. The effect of application of pig slurry with straw as a fertilizer ... 115
  31. V. Vasar. Influence of nitrogen and cytokinin source on Prunus avium L. proliferation and elongation in vitro ... 117
  32. E. Vesik. The chemical weeds control with herbicide Stomp ... 121
  33. R. Viiralt, N. Kabanen. Influence of the time of the first cut and the annual number of cuts on the yield of forage legumes ... 123
  34. A. Õunmaa, H. Remmelg. Number of chromosomes of the cultivars and breeds developed in Estonia ... 127