Transactions 9

Transactions of the Estonian Academic Agricultural Society

Proceedings of the Estonian Academiceedings of the Estonian Academic
April 15–16, 1999

Tartu 1999

Editorial Board: K. Annuk, A. Lember, H. Möller, J. Praks , O. Saveli, H. Tikk, R. Viiralt



  1. A. Aruksaar, T. Püssa, P. Kuldkepp, M. Ivask. Effect of antibacterial veterinary drugs on growth of kidney bean, barley and radish and their accumulation in plants ... 5
  2. M. Jaagus, A. Bender, S. Tamm. 'Juurlu' – creeping-rooted lucerne variety for pasture bred at Jõgeva ... 9
  3. M. Järvan, R. Kalmet, P. Rausberg. Effect of rare earths on biological processes of spring wheat and pea ... 13
  4. M. Järvan, P. Kuhlberg. About the effect of liming with cement clinker dust in 1998 ... 17
  5. M. Järvan, H. Meripõld, H. Lõiveke, T. Valgus. Effect of rare earths on spring cereals ... 21
  6. A. Kaarma, E. Mägi. Epidemiology of ruminant strongylatoses in Estonia. 1. Viability of strongylate larvae on sheep pastures in Estonian climate conditions ... 25
  7. H. Kaldmäe, I. Kibbal, O. Kärt. The optimum first-cut harvest time of grass in different growing years ... 29
  8. A. Kanal, P. Kuldkepp. Influence of different fertilization systems on the sulphur content of podzoluvisols and wheat grain ... 33
  9. J. Kanger, H. Kärblane. Fertilizer use in Europe ... 37
  10. R. Kask, H. Samel. Yield of grain on different taxons of the association of typical sod-calcareous, half-bog soddy and peaty bog soils ... 41
  11. R. Kask, H. Samel. Hay field degradation on different taxons of the association of typical sod-calcerous, half-bog soddy and peaty bog soils ... 45
  12. M. Koppel, P. Soobik. Incidence and spread of races of barley net blotch, barley scald, oat crown rust and wheat stripe rust in Estonia ... 49
  13. K. Kotkas. The productivity of disease-free potato plants obtained by propagation in vitro and an plastic rolls ... 53
  14. P. Kuldkepp, T. Teesalu, T. Toomsoo. On the direct effect of different organic manures on potato ... 57
  15. R. Kõlli. International projects and conventions on the sustainable use of soils ... 61
  16. R. Lillak, A. Pae. Changing in flow of photosyntetically active radiation inside of alfalfa sward ... 65
  17. V. Loide. On the contents of moving potassium, calcium and magnesium and their ratio in soils ... 67
  18. J. Lokk, R. Vardja, T. Vardja, A. Pae. Formation of transgenic roots on potato explants ... 71
  19. P. Lättemäe. Impact of technological factors on fermentation and quality of silage ... 75
  20. P. Lättemäe, R.-J. Sarand, T. Kiisk. Ensiling of whole cut crop and silage quality ... 79
  21. O. Priilinn. The century of plant genetics and breeding ... 81
  22. M. Raudseping, P. Sooväli, K.Kask. The utilization of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) forms in breeding ... 85
  23. J.-R. Raukas, A. Pae. Using of artificial lighting in flower greenhouses ... 89
  24. R.-J. Sarand, H. Laitamm, T. Kiisk, T. Valgus, M. Zirk. Effect of nodule bacteria preparation upon pea yield, its quality and upon soil ... 91
  25. U. Tamm. The influence of the nitrogen fertiliser to the nutritive value of forages ... 93
  26. A. Tsahkna. Results of potato breeding at Jõgeva Plant Breeding Institute ... 97
  27. T. Univer. Resistance of apple varieties and seedling to apple scab in Estonia ... 101
  28. S. Vabrit, U. Moor. Influencing factors on Antirrhinum majus cut flowers’quality in on open field ... 105
  29. V. Vasar. Utilization of different carbohydrates in sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) micropropagation ... 109
  30. V. Vasar, T. Kokk. In vitro shoot proliferation and elongation of apple dwarf rootstock M26 depending on culture medium ... 113